eXtended Linux Video features

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XLV is a fast light development framework for multimedia applications like players, video converters, video encoders, ... It now supports a wide range of audio and video renderers, AV codecs and multimedia files format. The infrastructure of the library uses heavily a plugin system which has been written from scratch for it. The core library includes also a pipeline infrastructure to build an oriented graph which specifies a multimedia treatment chain.

Audio output

  • Open Sound System
  • ESound
  • aRtS
  • Alsa 0.9 (in the CVS)

Video output

  • SDL
  • X11 Image/Shared Image/XVideo

Audio codecs

  • Win32 audio codecs (read/write)
  • MPEG Audio layer I/II/III (read only)
  • Vorbis (read/write)
  • AC3 (read only)

Video codecs

  • Codecs supported by FFMPEG (libavcodecs) (read/write)
  • DivX 4/5 (read/write)
  • XviD (read/write)
  • Win32 video codecs (read only)
  • JPEG (read only)
  • MS Video1 (read only)
  • MPEG 1/2 video (read only)

Multiplexed streams

  • MPEG 1.0 System (read only)
  • MP3 audio files (read only)
  • Microsoft(tm) AVI (OpenDML 1.0) (read/write)
  • Microsoft(tm) Wave (read/write)
  • Microsoft(tm) ASF (read only)
  • Quicktime(tm) (read only)
  • Ogg/Squish (read only)

Raw streams

  • File (read/write)
  • HTTP (read only)
  • Zlib stream (read only)