eXtended Linux Video TODO list

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Updated 17/07/2002. Copyright (C) 2002, 2001 Guilhem Lavaux

XLV Core


  • Add the XLV Realtime Codec API. This extension will enable the codecs to output more data directly in the output buffer of the renderer. Clearly, this will prevent MPEG2 Codecs style from copying datas from Intra image to Predict image. This extension must be active for XLV 1.0
  • Add a SPU codec style.
  • Add static image codec.

XLV Renderer API

  • Add Extended Renderer API.
  • It will provide some way to redirect the output of the renderer. For video renderer, we may included the possibility to toggle fullscreen or windowed drawing.

XLV Demuxer API


Plugins which would be useful

  • FTP input stream
  • Support for Real(tm) streams (use Real SDK)
  • Does somebody have a way to use Quicktime proprietary codecs ? (e.g.: Sorenson Video, QDesign Music) (SVQ1 is in FFMPEG)
  • Add DivX subtitle decoder