eXtended Linux Video: goal

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Goal of the project

XLV is intended to be the middle-ware implementation of multimedia streams for Linux. It is extensively based on plugins and dynamic-linking. For the moment, XLV is in active development and it has many features:
  • an OS independent core, completely multi-threaded to share the complexity of streams into multiple processes
  • an audio-video highly synchronised core
  • a full bunch of plugins including:
    • an SDL video output driver supporting YUV overlay, resize and fullscreen
    • an ESD/OSS audio output driver
    • PCM automatic filter (PCM to PCM)
    • MPEG Layer 1,2,3 audio decoder (based on MPG123)
    • Win32 video codec import (Win32 audio codec import in progress)
    • RIFF abstract decoders
    • AVI system decoders
    • WAVE system decoders
  • a GTK player for XLV with seek ability


Basicly, you need to install on your system:
  • GLIB 1.2 of the GTK project